The Power of Good Design

The Webster dictionary defines design as an action to create, execute or construct according to plan. When you wake up in the morning to plan your day that means you are designing a day. You design your home, your career, and even your life! Like everything, there is good and bad in this. I am creating this blog to help you (and sometimes myself) maneuver between the two. To help figure out where changes in design need to happen. Also finding where we have already created a masterpiece. There are three main areas of life that design effects.
First is your home life this is more than the structure you live in. Home life includes your health, relationships and your décor. For example, the way you design your kitchen have a direct impact on your health. Putting a “cookie jar” in an accessible place when you are trying to lose weight is bad design. Contrary putting a fruit bowl in the jars place is a good design. The second area of life design is important in is work. This can be a home office or a commercial office, the way you set up this space will affect your productivity. The last area of life is play, designing time for things you enjoy effects everything. Your health, happiness, and success depend on the right design of play. We have all heard of “play hard work hard” I find this to be truer than I thought. When you combine excellent design in these areas of life you can create the life you want.


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