Make Your Office Work for You

Work is a necessary part of life. It provides for everything. Since this area of life is so important, the design of this is crucial! It is also simple! Paying attention to small things like the placement of furniture can help make your workspace work for you.

Think about a time you walked into someone’s’ office. Did you feel intimidated or welcomed? This is key in designing any space! You need to decide how you want people to feel walking into your office. Most importantly, decide how you want to feel in this space. Depending on your career field the feeling you want will change.  For example, an artist would want to evoke a feeling of possibility. Ponder this idea of an “office feeling” throughout the rest of this post.

If you are here to change your current office or create a new one you have found the right place! I have made five simple steps to make a happier and more productive workspace. These will apply to both, home and commercial offices. I do understand that commercial spaces have some restrictions. In each step, I will mention a solution for a  restricted workspace.

Before you start these steps remember what you want your office feeling to be! Once you know this you can begin the design process. Enjoy

Make a Layout


Draw out where you want to Place your furniture. I suggest putting your desk in the command position, facing the entrance to your office. This a well-known Feng Shui technique that gives you a sense of control over your surroundings. Other pieces like coffee tables, filing cabinets, and guest chairs have endless places. It is smart to draw a few different plans and pick the one that stands out to you. In a commercial office, it is normally harder to move furniture. In this situation draw out the things you can change or add.


Pick a Color Scheme

home office blueFind a color combination that inspires you. Choose some that you enjoy looking at but are also not distracting. A great combination is burnt orange and turquoise. The orange gives a sense of coziness and warmth while the turquoise adds creative energy. Having a color scheme with some contrast is aesthetically pleasing. This step helps later in picking out what goes in your office since it starts to limit options. The design process can be overwhelming without guidelines like a color scheme. Picking colors you love will not only make designing the space fun but it will energize the space.


Choose Furniture

choose furniture
After finding your colors and deciding where everything goes, now it is time to talk about furniture. Whether you are using furnishing you already have or purchasing new ones make sure you feel a purpose for each piece. An affordable way to give an inspirational purpose to old furniture is to recover it with a funky pattern. Most importantly make sure the furniture does not distract you. An uncomfortable desk chair can cause a productivity disaster!


Hopefully, you have filing cabinets or drawers to put your work in. These items are great although many of us use them to hide a mess we don’t want to deal with. Since we are creating a new office this is a good time to organize that mess! Using sticky notes to label what goes in the cabinets is an easy technique. Listening to the sticky notes is even more helpful than making them (I have the problem of only making labels and not using them). Making a list of what is temporary or permanent on your desk helps stop clutter. Clutter is the driving force in procrastination. To avoid that, make a simple list of what stays and what goes into drawers. Do you want your electronics to stay on your desk or should they have a safe drawer?  Questions like that are what you need to ask yourself.

Add Inspiration

SONY DSCNow you should have a plan, a color scheme, furniture and an organizational system! Only one step left to a —– (insert office feeling) office! When you get dressed in the morning you put on an outfit and add either a tie or jewelry. This step is the tie or jewelry, it adds style to your outfit. Now you need to find something that represents your work style. It could be a painting, plant or simply a family photo. Add a few things that excite you and agree with your color scheme. Have some fun with this step, experiment with different materials and textures.


These steps should help you design your dream office! No matter what your job is you should enjoy the space you work in. We do not always have the freedom to change everything in our space. Although we have the power to add small design elements in everything. These elements can remind us why we started our career, what we are striving for and what we have already accomplished. These steps are guidelines on how to change structures that drive behavior. In an office, we want to be focused on the work at hand not stressing about the clutter on our desk. With the right design, you can make your office work for you and not the other way around.


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