4 Creative Ways to Add Joy through Plants

Recently I received a plant as a gift, at first I was a little worried! I do not have a good record keeping little things alive in my house. Last week I put flowers in a vase and forgot to add water. Last year there was a goldfish incident, you get the picture. Since then the indoor plant has grown on me. This time I am going to keep this plant alive.

Plants do a lot more than look pretty. They do four main things; reduce stress, clean the air around it, calm anxiety, and promote productivity. After researching the benefits of having indoor plants I decided to explore their playful designs. Plants help incorporate various elements of design to balance a room.

If you are anything like me, you want an effortless way to add the playful design of green in your home. Here are four ways to add the joy of nature in any space! Each way takes a little more care but all are fool proof.

  1. Fresh Flowers

This is the easiest way to add cheer to your home. Simply go to a local grocery store or florist to pick up these beauties on your way home. Flowers need little care but this comes at a price. The average arrangement in a grocery store is around $15-$30. This can be even cheaper if you make your own arrangement from various flowers in your yard. These bundles of joy are best placed near an entrance or as a centerpiece of a room.


One of the best parts about having fresh flowers is you can change the color and design regularly. This means you can add or change accent colors all the time! An easy way to incorporate décor is with a vase. There are so many different vases out there to choose from! Maybe you are feeling funky or romantic, there is a vase to match both! You can even DIY a flower holder with a paper bag, check out more ways to make crafty holders.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to vases and placements. I love having fresh flowers in the house because you have so much room to design how they should live in your home.


The history of giving flowers dates back to Roman times. It’s a tradition to bring flowers as a symbol of appreciation, celebration or hope. Have you ever thought about why this is a tradition? Learn more about the history here.

One reason flowers are a popular gift is due to their mental benefits. Without knowing it we are attracted to the health advantages of fresh flowers. Having them in a space lifts the mood by adding a fun pop of color! According to the Huffington Post flowers are linked to well-being.



  1. Playful Potting Plants

Next is a step up in design but also in time. These are typically less expensive so they can fit any budget! Potted plants are perfect for people who like routines since they need regular nurture. The plant you choose will determine how much care you will have to give. A list of indoor plants and the requirements needed can be found here.

The reason indoor plants are a step up from flowers is they come with more variety and live longer. You have an endless selection of differing textures, sizes, and personalities. This means you have more freedom in design.


In addition to the aesthetic aspect of indoor plants, they have many health benefits. They have everything flowers provide and more. Things like deterring illnesses and promoting productivity are just a few. Each plant contributes different healing to your home. My gift was an African Violet plant which is said to improve air quality so you can breathe easy.


One reason these are fun is because of the pots! My plant is in a chalkboard painted pot so I can write notes to my roommates. You can find other clever ideas on how to display indoor plants here . Introducing indoor plants to your home can be a fun activity with your family, roommates or partner! Picking out the type then designing what to put it in is a creative bonding experience.


  1. Indoor Herbs

There is nothing better than picking basil off the vine to add to a recipe. Growing herbs in your kitchen can help your inner chef as well as brighten the mood! These require little care and are cost effective.


To create a home for these plants all you need is a window and a little pot. You can add personality to the holders and storage. I have seen beautiful window sills lined with herbs. I have also seen gravity defying mason jars vertically containing them! It is up to you and how risky you are feeling in design.


4. Mini Gardens

If you have some time on your hands and want to have fun designing then mini gardens are for you! Making one is peaceful, playful and personal.

There are no real directions for mini gardens other than to use miniature plants. You can add different colored sand like in a mini Zen garden or you can have soil like a fairy garden. Whatever you add there is no way to mess up!

Indoor gardens have so many benefits other than looking nice. They increase creativity and create a calming environment. Especially Zen gardens, making designs in the sand has major therapeutic properties.


My mini garden above is made with five things; soil, succulents, sand, energy stones and a glass bowl. I had so much fun creating these and I still find joy in redesigning the sand. I recommend having a sand section in your garden so when you are stressed you can draw in it.

I hope you found a way to add sunshine into you home! Have some fun with the design aspect of your plant but remember to give it love too. We all have a special connection with nature. Let whatever we bring into our home remind us of this connection and bring light into the indoors.

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