Hello! Thank you for stopping by to explore design with me. My name is Heather Madden and I am a Civil Engineering student at Clemson University in South Carolina. I have a minor in Architecture and I hope to someday go to graduate school for Architecture. I have a passion for design in everything! Whether I am designing placement for furniture or a model building for class, I love every moment!

My journey with design began in Genoa, Italy. To get a minor in architecture I went to Italy to study its’ vast history of the subject. Before we left to study abroad, like a college course, there was pre-reading material. Two articles about space and what makes a home a home. Upon reading these I was lost by the authors’ description of how space affects you. I was frustrated with these abstract ideas since I had been studying engineering, these ideas were foreign to me. Then after a few weeks in Italy, I started to understand the what makes a place a place. The narrow streets of Genoa provided a walking and social atmosphere in the city. Throughout my travels abroad I learned more and more about how the design of our built environment affects us. This made me wonder how does design affect us in all aspects of life? Which is why I started this blog/shop to share my findings of how we can better design our life. I hope you find useful design tips and interesting perspectives on everyday activities.

I also have a passion for painting. Throughout my highschool years I speed painted at various events. Now as I enter my senior year in college I am selling art on the side to pay off my college loans. Please visit my shop page to see paintings for sale.  Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or ideas!




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