Slow House


This project was created in Genoa, Italy in 2016. This was my final project to obtain a minor in Architecture. The assignment was to create a slow house or a tiny house that included a business and living space. The red piece intertwined throughout the house was symbolic of bringing Genoa together as a city. I was challenged with the task of weaving only one red piece of paper throughout the design to highlight parts of the house.

I choose my sight to be in the water on the historic dock of Genoa. My slow house contained an underwater yoga studio with living space above. My inspiration was the lotus flower, the entrance engulfs you as you walk down to the studio. Another important aspect of this studio was the water. The open concept of the bottom floor was designed to allow the reflection of the water to bounce off the walls creating a calming effect. The second floor or ground level floor contained the kitchen and living room. Lastly, the third level included the lofted bedroom with a bathroom below.

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